ALL IN THE DETAILS: Detail Oriented

Jewelry designer Harry Winston once said, “People will stare. Make it worth their while.” If you stop and think about it, how accurate are those words? It is only natural that people like to stare at each other and at what we are wearing or doing. I cannot count the number of times in which I have stared at a person without even realizing it because I was in love with what they were wearing. Fashion is inspirational and tells a story about who we are even if we do not realize a story is being told. I like a guy or gal who wears what they want for themselves and has the ability to make people stop and stare. This Fashionisto was no exception.

What drew me to this Fashionisto in particular was his attention to details. He chose to stick to jeans serving as a neutral base and then added color and patterns to his shirt and accessories. At first glance, it can appear that he had a lot going on. His long sleeve button-down shirt is not only quilt patterned but is also pink and red with an accent of light blue on the inside of the shirt. On his head, he wore a bandana that was also patterned and multicolored. However, if you look long enough, the overall look is cohesive and cool.

This Fashionisto decided to mix patterns and colors together which I found to be refreshing. The colors and patterns do not match perfectly but they still complement each other. The bandana acts as an accessory that serves a couple of different purposes. First, the bandana serves a practical purpose by keeping his hair out of his face. Second, the bandana adds something special to the outfit making it more interesting and versatile. While his long sleeve button-down shirt is patterned, the pattern is not overwhelming. He absolutely has masted the art of mixing colors and patterns which is not always an easy feat.

To tie in his look, this Fashionisto wore a watch and casual dress shoes. Casual dress shoes should absolutely be a staple in any Fashionisto’s wardrobe because they add sophistication to an outfit without going over the top or being overly fancy.

How To: Feeling inspired by this Fashionisto? Stick to a neutral bottom like a pair of jeans so that you are not overwhelmed in patterns and colors. Find a long sleeve button-down shirt that is colored and has a pattern on it that you like and feel comfortable in. Tie in your look with a colorful bandana. You can go for a solid colored bandana or if you are feeling more adventures, lean towards a bandana that features a couple of different colors. Do not worry if your patterns do not match, that is what you are going for in this look. Tie everything in with a brown boot or causal dress shoe.