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One staple item in my closet is a comfortable, loose-fitted sweatshirt. The perfect staple sweatshirt in my closet is by Calvin Klein. It’s incredibly comfortable, yet trendy and chic. This sweatshirt has been my favorite trend at the moment because it has the element of comfort and wearability for literally anyone. It is such a versatile sweatshirt that can be worn on a relaxing day at home or a day out in the city.

This Fashionisto rocks the Calvin Klein sweatshirt perfectly, so take notes! He’s dressed from head to toe with designer gems and looks effortlessly cool. This look is perfect for a day at school that guarantees comfort while still looking put together. In order to dress up this sweatshirt on a windy day, he throws on a chunky bomber jacket to lock in as much warmth as possible while strutting through the heavy breeze.

Nothing is more classic than a pair of blue jeans, but to bring in that cozy vintage vibe, switch out your skinny jeans for a pair of classic mom jeans. You’ll definitely be traveling back to the ’90s (in a good way, of course).

I love this Fashionisto’s appreciation for designers. He rocks a vintage Coach backpack and Gucci kicks. He knows how to put his look together and proves that you can rock multiple designer pieces all at once without looking too flashy.

How To: Do you have a cozy sweatshirt that you want to wear out, but not sure how to dress it up? Try chucking on a leather jacket on top to add some edge. Skinny jeans and a pair of pointed-toe boots can really bring the whole look together and you’ll be rocking it in no time.