ALL IN THE DETAILS: Delicate Layers

Penn State is known for its giant campus filled with shades of blue and white amongst the gorgeous scenery. It is also known for its wacky weather, going from a sunny 70-degree day to harsh winds and snow flurries the next.

While the traditional winter weather has been somewhat absent this season, dressing with layers is still a must. In lieu of the freezing temperatures, you can switch layering vests and jackets with layering pieces of jewelry.

This Fashionista was on her way to attend an on-campus concert rocking layers of delicate necklaces and bracelets. Her overall edgy bohemian-style caught my eye as well as her perfect, complementary dark makeup.

The mix of gold and silver jewelry with ripped black jeans creates a delightfully dark image. Thanks to the delicate chains on her necklaces and bracelets, it’s easier to layer more, without coming off as clunky.

Her gold watch doubles as a bracelet, pairing perfectly with her other gold pieces. The silver rings keep it from being too gaudy and adds a whimsical touch to an edgy look.

There’s an old tip that says, “Take off one accessory before you leave the house.” If you’re wearing giant clunky pieces of jewelry, please take that advice. However, wearing thin pieces in classic neutrals and metals means you can wear as much jewelry as you want, without having to part with any piece.

How To: To create a delicately layered look, go for pieces that are thin rather than chunky. To keep it from looking too monotonous, you can mix metals. Thin gold chain necklaces can be paired with gold and silver bangles alike. If you want to create a bolder statement, choose one part to go big with, like this Fashionista’s watch. A pendant necklace or statement ring would be in sync alongside a crowd of silver stacking rings.