ALL IN THE DETAILS: D.C. Is for Daily and Casual

ALL IN THE DETAILS: D.C. Is for Daily and Casual

Welcome to the capital of the United States! This city is like no other. I like to describe Washington D.C. as a city that has lot to offer. Everyone can find something they like here. There are tons of free museums for those who love art and history, the national zoo for the animal lovers, all the national monuments, and don’t forget the awesome food inspired by different cultures. This city is full diversity.

As you walk down the streets you are passing by hundreds of people trying to grab food, heading to meetings, tourists discovering the city, and students trying to get to class. It’s a busy city that rarely slows down during the day. In contrast to the active dynamic scene that this city has, this Fashionisto’s outfit balances the busy and constant moving life with his daily casual outfit.

Despite the sea of people wearing business attire and scurrying off to work, this Fashionisto keeps it calm and simple with his dark red T-shirt and ripped up, light-washed jeans. Jeans can either dress up or dress down an outfit, but a light-washed jean gives an outfit a very laid-back look. His Converse are the perfect shoe to wear because walking around the city is the best way to see and take in what the city has to offer. Carrying a satchel around is great way to hold everything you would need during the day. This Fashionisto has a pair of browline sunglasses, which are essential if you are taking a walk around the city on a sunny day. The last accessory he has on is a watch on his arm.

In a city that is constantly moving and busy, this Fashionisto’s outfit stands out because it’s easygoing and effortless. He’s enjoying the city and doesn’t seem to move with the pace of the city. He’s enjoying his time and taking in every moment.