As a 20-something college student, I’ve come far beyond my comfort zone. Most of you likely have done the same in life, leaving everything you’re used to back at home. With that, we have all probably eliminated things that don’t belong or work for us any longer. Sometimes that might mean walking away from things that are no longer helping you grow or making you happy. For us Fashionistas/os, this too is the time where we find our best fashion moments. With our everyday dress we distinguish ourselves from our peers by trying trends, taking risks and wearing what we want.

Cutouts have been a fun fashion detail for ages now. Their popularity is increasing because they’re not only functional, but they can also provide that high fashion vibe. They’ve been used in countless ways, some much more extreme and airy than others. Therefore, when trying on these pieces, not all of us will feel comfortable with the unexpected bare skin. Find a style that suits for you before fall. You’ll never know, especially with clothes, until you let yourself try. This Fashionista definitely made the cutout trend work for her! If you live in or have visited Upstate New York in the summer, then you know that the weather is changing on an almost hourly basis. Sadly, checking our cellphone and the local news for the forecast provides little to nothing for morning wardrobe selection insight. The strategically placed back weaving details on her jumpsuit can be easily covered up if it cools down, giving a completely different look. Her utilitarian chic jacket brought color variety to the mostly black outfit, complementing her tan laser cut booties.

August should be accompanied by relaxed and minimalistic garments so that we can properly enjoy the last month of this summer season. Her look followed suit as she opted for black and gold detail earrings for jewelry, a rosy lip and bright yet simple eye makeup. Summer days often start a little later than those full of classes and busy work schedules. As a result, you have much more time in the mornings to curl your hair—and, of course, having an amazing hair day always pays off. Without statement jewelry or bold colors/accessories her chic hairstyle added a polished effect and perfectly completed her outfit. Her hair is a perfect length to show off the cutout when she wants to. If you have longer locks, try a braided up-do or a sleek topknot.

How To: Confidence and comfort is key for your August, end of season wardrobe. When in doubt with a cutout, you can easily balance the lack of fabric with a few small additions. You can try mixing up the height or style of your shoe to dress it up or down, taking you from day to night. As seen here, you can bring a jacket just in case. If you prefer less layers, add jewels instead for some seriously eye catching details.