June 8th, 2015 at 2:00am

Cutouts have been a popular trend for quite a few seasons now. I think they are a fresh way to break up an outfit besides a standard crop top. If you’re worried about exposing too much skin, have no fear. Cutouts don’t have to be so revealing if you don’t want them to be!

Our Fashionista this week shows us a perfect example of a more modest cutout-inspired outfit. The lace detailing in the middle of her dress breaks it up and provides an interesting detail. I love how the lace extends and overlaps her dress instead of just abruptly ending. This Fashionista’s dress is also on-trend since it is a pastel shade of blue. She keeps her manicure in the same color family, going with a deeper shade of a teal blue.

I love the pop of color her lipstick brings to her outfit. The shade of her lipstick matches her pedicure almost perfectly! Her wedges are chic and look comfortable to spend the day in. The neutral shade with zipper detailing makes them very versatile and easy to slip on and off. Because no one likes to sit down and spend five minutes trying to put your shoes on, especially when we have places to be!

How To: Anxious to try out the cutout trend but don’t want to expose too much skin? Try a dress with a cutout with a sliver of lace detailing. Still not sure you’re ready for that step? You can always try a pair of cutout sandals. Remember to apply sunscreen first so you don’t get crazy tan lines!