ALL IN THE DETAILS: Confident in Stripes

June 26th, 2015 at 2:10am

“We’ll never go out of style,” Taylor Swift sings in her 1989 album. While she may have been talking about someone else, she also could’ve been describing the fashion world’s relationship with stripes! Crisp. Clean. Versatile. Stripes give an extremely chic look that can be accessorized with absolutely anything and still look amazing! As you can see in ELLE magazine’s “spring 2013 Trend Report: Stripes,” stripes instantly send vibes of a go-getter attitude and confidence.

This Fashionista’s outfit and beautiful smile is one of a driven and passionate woman who knows exactly what she wants. The bold black and white stripes on her dress add sophistication and elegance, while the thin purple lines give a hint of relaxed fun! Because of this combination, she can be confident in these stripes anywhere! Her toes are painted with a nail polish that’s nearly the same color as the thin purple stripes; when paired with her cream bracelet, honey-colored earrings, white finger nails and neutral brown bag, she completes the look.

What are the most important things you need to remember when choosing to wear stripes? Every Fashionista/o needs at least one black and white striped outfit piece. The benefit of black and white stripes is that almost every color matches! Stripes make your outfit perfect suited for anything from date night, bowling with friends or a concert! With stripes, you can take your outfit in any direction that you choose. Remember, while the lines on your outfit may run in one direction, you don’t have to!

How To: To get the look, find yourself a striped dress that makes you feel like you can conquer the world! If you want a dress that’s the most versatile, look for black and white stripes so that any and all of your accessories will work. Dresses aren’t your thing? That’s perfectly fine! Apply the same attention to detail in the stripes of your shirts and pants!