ALL IN THE DETAILS: Comme des Grunge

Over the last few years, grunge fashion has been making its way back into popularity around the globe. The grunge look can be rough around the edges sometimes, but it can be so chic on those who carry it comfortably. It all comes down to texture, color and distressed edges in the clothing that give it the look. However, it does not seem to be fit for every person and their personality. But the cool thing about grunge is how it holds a macabre aesthetic that somehow still looks pleasing in the eye of fashion. This week’s Fashionisto is the prime example of how dark fashion is such an influence in the world of high fashion.

Walking through campus with his Comme des Garçons high-top sneakers, he leaves a trail of edgy and chic vibes. These vibes encompass his grunge look and add personality to his outfit. But his cool kicks aren’t the only part that keep his look fly! He accessorizes with a fashionable black bucket hat and flannel tied around his waist to keep his look trendy. Over a metal band T-shirt and long black hoodie, he wears a custom, self-made bomber jacket. He slips on a pair of moto-style joggers to complete his cool grunge look.

How To: Shades of gray and black with a distressed look not your thing? There is a way to play with grunge but not be totally immersed in darkness. Soft grunge is the term used for people who feel this way. Instead of dark and edgier pieces, add in some white and red. Just keep the asymmetrical and distressed marks to a minimum so you’re at a lighter level of grunge.