ALL IN THE DETAILS: Coloring In Detail

Summertime opens the gateway to vibrant and lively fashion trends. It is the season where you can wear any bright color and get away with it. Don’t get me wrong, I love my black and neutral styles. However, I know everyone has their days of wanting to try something colorful and playful, and what better season than summer to do so?

This Fashionista accomplished utilizing color detail to make a statement. Rompers are a timeless summer trend Fashionistas adore. This vivacious Fashionista decided to go with a vibrant ruby red, long-sleeve romper, which is such a rad and bold color choice. I have found long-sleeve rompers are extremely flattering and bring a certain element of classiness to the overall look. This romper is also flowy which is fitting for hot summer days.

What truly catches your eye with this look is within the details. Matching, when done right, can truly pull together any outfit. This Fashionista decided to match the ruby red color in very subtle ways. Her nails, ring and romper all match that ruby red color complementing each other. This Fashionista knows not everything should match perfectly when trying to achieve this effortless look. Her cute silver bracelets add her personality into the outfit, solidifying the concept of not everything having to match the ruby red color. Sometimes less is more, and this Fashionista, with that mindset, chose to match her romper, nails and ring in a very subtle and classy approach.

These black heels are everything. What I adore about this outfit is how classy yet edgy it is at the same time. The soft touch the romper and floppy hat give combined with the edginess of the black strappy heals creates this overall unique trend I am all about. You can truly grasp this Fashionista’s trendy style within this outfit.

To top of the outfit, literally, is the oversized floppy hat. This outfit can be worn easily with or without the floppy hat; I say it depends how sunny the day is to decide! This hat adds a fun whimsical element that truly is timeless, contributing to the overall refined look.

After observing each piece of this look it is clear details are everything. Details in an outfit may not seem important, but when just a couple small details are changed the outfit completely transforms.

How To: Most of us Fashionistas own a romper or 12; go find that colorful romper and simply have fun with putting an outfit together. I suggest finding a nail color, lipstick or piece of jewelry that matches your romper to bring in that pop of color. Rompers have endless fashion possibilities, so have fun with it!