ALL IN THE DETAILS: Color Your Layers

In college, men and women are both trying to find themselves. They experiment and see what they like and what they don’t like. Part of that is finding their own personal style. This Fashionisto has a unique style that will catch your eye no matter where you are going on campus. What is it about his outfit that catches your eye? Is it his pants, shoes, or even shirt? It is what he chooses to pair with all these items and the colors he chooses to wear.

For starters, he chose to wear a pair of ripped blue jeans. An item that will look good with almost any piece you put with them. They create a more casual look. He wears a red T-shirt which adds a brighter color to an outfit that consists mostly of neutral colors. With the cold weather he wants to layer up. He wears a black sweater to add some extra warmth. It also adds a layer to his outfit and some variance with his shirt. Adding the gray jacket makes the look feel complete and adds some more color. If he were just wearing the T-shirt, the outfit would feel incomplete like it was missing a necklace or a sweater. To finish off the look, he wears a pair of tan work boots.

He is not only ready for the cold weather but is comfortable and looks stylish. As the weather gets warmer, being able to layer will get harder as the heat will restrict how many layers you can have. When it starts to get warmer, it is still possible to look good with layers. Adding lighter layers will be the key. To substitute the sweater and jacket, add a flannel over the T-shirt or a jean jacket over the T-shirt. Both of the pieces add color and a more complete look to the Fashionisto’s outfit.