ALL IN THE DETAILS: Color Scheme Strong

There comes a day where every Fashionista needs to dress up in order to look and feel sophisticated. Whether it’s for an internship, presentation or even a broadcast journalism class like this super fabulous Fashionista, at some point dressing up is important for looking your very best!

Remarkably, I found out that this Fashionista was ready to report the news in her sleek gray dress. The thing that stuck out to me most was her black belt and silver heart-shaped necklace. Sometimes it’s the smallest accessory that makes the outfit, and that was certainly true with this astonishingly prim outfit.

I absolutely loved how this Fashionista chose to stick to the colors gray, black and silver in order to keep her look classy and balanced. The black belt pairs perfectly with the gray dress and gives it that extra touch. It also makes the dress less simple and more elegant. Additionally, the heart-shaped silver necklace gives this look a bit of personality and brings a little more femininity to the outfit. It’s important to coordinate your accessories with your personality, and I definitely think that worked well for this fun Fashionista!

How To: Starting an internship or presenting a project just became a whole lot simpler. With the right accessory and the right dress you can feel confident and impress every individual that you come across. Put on your favorite and most fabulous dress and top it off with a stylish belt and a simple necklace. If you prefer earrings or a bracelet then go with that. Keep your look simple and clean and make sure to show off that special accessory!