With summer being as hot and vibrant as it’s been, why wear drab and boring colors? I say add a pop of color to your outfit and wow everyone with fun accents in your clothing and accessories. Whether you’re obsessed with loud hues or typically shy away from bright shades, incorporating a subtle pop of color into your everyday look can truly transform your style. I’m not one to talk because my wardrobe mostly consists of black clothing, but by adding a fun pop of color in an accessory you can really make an outfit.

The Fashionista this article is my dear friend who rocks her summer attire with a great pop of pink from her glasses. Also the yellow from the purse makes the outfit stand out and adds whimsy. Paired with platform Birkenstocks, black lace shorts, vintage top and jean jacket, this look is complete. This is the perfect outfit to wear out and about in the park, to lunch or to the beach. It is a versatile look that can go from day into night with an easy switch of shoes. The details in this look such as the lace from the shorts, the yellow in her purse, the pink in her glasses, the pops of pink embroidery on her top and the patent reflection from her Birkenstocks add intrigue and excitement to something that otherwise would be ordinary.

How To: When introducing a splash of color to any outfit, you’ll need to first consider the outfit’s palette. If it’s a monochromatic outfit such as all black, any hue can really work to bring interest to your look. For example, colors such as yellow, pink or blue will pair easily. If the palette of your outfit is a mix of neutrals bringing in a like color with a more vibrant hue can really edge up the look. With this Fashionista’s look, mixing blacks with denims and a mix of yellow and pink really pulled everything together.