ALL IN THE DETAILS: Color, Color and More Color!

For the past few months, many people have been wearing monochrome ensembles. I must admit that I do love this trend, but it is time to incorprate some fun and interesting pieces to our wardrobe now that summer has arrived. I am all for wearing loud and eccentric pieces, and I love it even more when I see other people with a colorful style! When has fashion ever been about staying in your comfort zone anyways?

It is pretty obvious that this Fashionista is not afraid of color. When I met this gorgeous Fashionista, she was full of energy and was loving the camera. I realized that her outfit really symbolized her personality, which is fun, colorful and unique.  As you can see this Fashionista’s outfit is full of detail and it was not easy choosing between which pieces of clothing I wanted to talk about. As I carefully examined this vibrant get-up, I chose to focus on this beautiful embroidered, knit cross-body bag. I chose this magnificent piece because not only is it a statement piece, but it ties the whole outfit together. This Fashionista does an amazing job pairing this bag with these hot pink, linen high-waisted shorts. The shorts really makes the bag stand out and will definitely not go unnoticed. Along with the shorts, she throws on a home-made tie-dye shirt and her favorite pair of sandals. She also did not shy away from adding on some accessories. No disrespect to the queen Coco Chanel, but you should not always look in the mirror and remove one accessory.

How To: You can achieve this look simply by just keeping your eye on clothing and accessories that have a lot of color and detail and make it fit into your own personal style.