ALL IN THE DETAILS: Classically Cloaked

With some abnormally warm temperatures flooding the north in these “winter” months, it is safe to say many have been thrown off as far as what to wear. But in wanting to stay true to what is considered “winter fashion,” I tend to find layering, and light layering that is, to be the key in accomplishing this look. And while some might find it difficult to make the bundled-cozy look with thinner articles, one can still achieve this desired concept when he or she can feature one simple article and pays attention to the little details.

I will alway be an ardent believer in the idea that less is typically more. Whether it be based on the clothing or accessory choice, one can most successfully create a classic look when staying true to simplicity. So take a simple, neutral poncho, and create that to be the focal point. Ponchos and other cape-like clothing items have quickly and efficiently taken a huge leap forward in the fall and winter closet desirables. Due to their ability to be fashionable, layer-able, versatile and remain simple; they are the newest essential, especially in times like these.

Here this Fashionista has chosen to keep the colors cool, but pays clear attention to detail in wearing a poncho with both texture and fringe. And in being mindful of keeping the jeans dark and the booties and layered shirt black, we find our eyes drawn immediately to the poncho. But when paying even closer attention to the little things, we can see that the black booties of choice are not only efficiently elevated, but also have been textured in a snake-essence; making a statement in mixing textures. Moving up the outfit, we see a classy necklace choice: a gold and crystalline long necklace with a statement structure, but an incredibly classic and minimalist look. And in wanting to stay true to the reality of warmer winter weather and always finding a way to add a pop of color, she has chosen to cling to a brighter lip using MAC, D for Danger and a beautiful bright pink kate spade wallet.

How To: Whether it be frigid or semi-warm, this outfit and anything like it is a simple and easy go to when not knowing what to wear. One could go thicker with the poncho, more layering, and even change up the bottoms to a classy fitted skirt. One can play up the embellishments in the jewelry field, or even cling to more winter appropriate accessories. Being comfortable and classy is the best way to rock these abnormal temps.