ALL IN THE DETAILS: Classic Meets Boho-Chic

We all have those timeless pieces in our closets that we hold on to for many years. They are our staple pieces that we can count on to never go out of style. Plain and classic is something to celebrate; they become our canvas for imaginations to run wild. You can add accessories to transition your outfit to match the latest trends.

Our Fashionista was pulling off this classic look and adding accessories to make it boho-chic. She took a classic gray cowl neck sweater to begin her look. It is short sleeve, making it a perfect transition piece from summer to fall. It is a warm, charcoal gray, perfect for any accessories. She paired this sweater with classic, blue denim skinny jeans. She added a pair of brown booties with a heel; they lace up the front to keep it casual.

This Fashionista used accessories to turn a classic look into one that is a little more bohemian. She added this statement necklace from Eula Fern’s. It has a large stone that gives off a bohemian vibe. The gold chain helps keep it classic and fun. She added a  bright burgundy lip to give her look a warm and sophisticated feel.

My favorite part of this Fashionista’s look is her braid. It is the perfect way to bring accentuate the bohemian vibe. She created this look by taking the front section of her hair and French braiding it from the part to the tips. She pulled the strands apart to make the braid fuller. She then took the rest of her hair and brought it to the side with the braid. She used the rest of her hair and braided it into a fishtail braid. Next, she created thin sections when braiding the fishtail so you could tell the braids apart. Finally, she attached the two braids at the bottom with a clear hair tie. This braid gives off great vibes and it is so easy to create.

How To: Take a classic outfit and pair it with super trendy accessories. Don’t be afraid to be bold. Continue this look when styling your hair or applying your makeup to really top it off.