ALL IN THE DETAILS: Cinderella's New Headband

One of my favorite fairy tales ever is Cinderella, and let’s face it, who doesn’t love old-school Disney stories and movies? We all do but I’ll tell you why this particular fairy tale is all about making a fashion statement. Cinderella had the greatest carriage, the prettiest horses and the most amazing dress ever but did Prince Charming remember any of those? No, he didn’t. Would it not have been a thousand times easier to describe Cinderella and her breathtaking gown if all he wanted to do was find her? Yet he fell in love with the one crystal shoe: a key accessory in Cinderella’s ensemble.

Just like Cinderella with her crystal shoes and Blair Waldorf with her headbands, this Fashionista has also taken over the world of headbands. Not only does it soften her look and makes her look younger and more playful, but it also gives her outfit more personality!

Headbands are this Fashionista’s personal signature and you’ll see her wearing them all the time! She probably has a different one for every occasion out there!

How To: Do not be afraid of trying out a couple of different accessories until you find the one that fits you the best! If you’re going for headbands, let me show you one of my favorites (or this super affordable burgundy beauty). And if what you want is a pair of white Adidas that reflect your own personal style, take a look at some of their more unique pairs! I’m loving these Advantage Clean Shoes.