Los Angeles is a very diverse city. However, the city may be known to inhabit a great population of Chicanos/as. Think Selena Quintanilla for the common Chicana look; though from Texas, she led the trend of the thin eyebrows, the big perm, dark lipliner, big hoop earrings, and some do the bold eyeliner like Flaca in Orange is the New Black. In some cases this look is rather infamous, but if done correctly a girl can steal the show.

This Fashionista got the Chicana look just right with more than one detail. With her hair pulled back she shows off those big hoop earrings, kind of a staple in any Latina’s closet! Though not a perm, but I was also relieved it was not, her hair had the perfect amount of volume and full side bangs. She also did not skip out on the thick eyeliner and lipstick, which was a great addtion. Lastly, she played off the rockabilly trend with her cuffed jeans and Converse, a trend many Latinos were no stranger to back in the ’80s and ’90s.

There are definitely many unpleasant stereotypes and comments that Latinos have heard about our culture and especially about those living in L.A., but it is important to have pride in our background. I admired the fact that this Fashionista is so passionate about her culture that she wants to major in Chicano studies and someday be a teacher. She is one of those great representations of Chicanos that has long been overlooked.

How To: I can not stress enough how much a lady loves her hoop earrings. Gold is most preferred, please. Top off your makeup look with a bold, winged eyeliner. Try rolling up your pants and throwing on a trusty pair of Converse for an old-fashioned feel.