ALL IN THE DETAILS: Charming the World

When stepping out on the streets, you can see hundreds of Fashionistas with the same purse and sunglasses. Rushing to the trendiest stores, everyone purchases similar accessories to keep up with the latest styles. Soon, all of your friends and neighbors are wearing the exact same outfit from the exact same stores. So how do you set your self apart? How do you stay within the latest style but still keep your unique personality alive?

Charms, charms, charms! Throughout the years we have seen charm bracelets, necklaces, key chains, wallets and so much more. Recently, Fashionistas have taken advantage of charms as a form of self-expression. We are seeing charms and unique accessories on bags. The trouble with having accessories that are hot in style is that everyone else has the same look as you. By adding charms or unique accessories to your bags, you are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. This trend allows you to express your hobbies, interests and beliefs—and most of all, creativity with the world.

This Fashionista was spotted while she was shopping on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. While we were both waiting at a stop light, her snazzy and one of a kind bag caught my eye. Her look was sleek and classic but her bag was fun and fresh. Her outfit color palette was black, white, blue and gray but she added a pinch of color in the silk scarf that was wrapped around her purse handle. The colors of the scarf were then continued with the charms she added to her bag. Her choice of charms shared with the world some of her interests. Her quirky charms worked perfectly with this look and took a simple gray purse and turned it into something she could call her own.

If you have found a love for a bag or purse and are bored of the same look and color, jazz it up by adding charms or accessories that match your outfit that day. This can make one purse have one hundred different looks. Charms can be moved to your school backpack or your house keys making you trendy wherever you may be going.

How To: Base your charms and bag accessories off the colors and patterns in your outfit. You can add stickers or patches to your purse or even a fur pompom keychain. Have fun and be creative. In the end, standing out is key to accomplishing this trend.