ALL IN THE DETAILS: Caught Red Ensembled

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Caught Red Ensembled

Summer is the time for bikinis, beaches and barbecues. The sun is blistering, the water is glistening and the beach ball is flying. Every summer memory comes with vivid colors: blues, pinks, oranges and yellows. It’s the time of year we push our blacks, grays and maroons to the back of the closet in favor of the more bright and fun colors. While the typical summer colors are classic and easy, we need to start introducing a new color to the mix, red.

This Fashionista proves that the color red deserves to have a place in the summer color palette. Her red pants caught my eye immediately from across the way and I was immediately obsessed with her outfit. It was bright, bold and fun and it screamed summertime. Her red sunglasses were absolutely adorable and the perfect complement to the floral shirt she wore on top. She finished off her look with a mix of silver and red accessories around her wrist.

Using color to tie together an outfit is often tricky and can come off as too matchy and trying too hard. The key to making sure your outfit won’t cause you to go red in the face while out in public is to find a balance for your colors. If you’re going bold with a solid-colored skirt or pair of pants, make sure the color is only the accent in the top’s pattern. But you can definitely add some more colored accessories if you’re keeping it a little more simple with a solid colored top, feel free to play up the pattern in the skirt, but use a critical eye on how many colored accessories you use.

How To: Do you want to incorporate red into your look but you just don’t know how? My advice is to start with one item, maybe a red skirt and keep it the focus of your look. Once you find the right shirt to go with it, add your accessories as you get more comfortable with it.