ALL IN THE DETAILS: Casually Classy

As much as I want to working out, what I dread the most is the changing and showering process after, not only do I have to carry my workout clothes, but a presentable outfit for after too?!? Like come on, it’s already hard enough to get myself to the gym. However, after some experience with going to the gym and having to go out with friends after, I have concluded that accessorizing and incorporating your gym clothes into your outfit is the best solution. Mostly with shorts or yoga pants, as many people do regardless if their working out or not. Adding classic accessories such as a watch or sunglasses with instantly make your outfit look more put together.

I ran into this Fashionista on the way out of the gym, and she dresses exactly like I would imagine after a light workout. She is wearing a simple blouse over a pair of workout shorts and sneakers, but it was the little details in this mix of casual and sporty that really stood out. Her blouse had a nice grid detail that was simple and tasteful. For accessories she wore a simple black clutch bag, a gold and white watch, a pair of Chanel sunglasses that were slightly cat eyed which added an elegant edge to her outfit and some simple stud earrings. All the little details and accessories added to her outfit as a whole, and made the look a classy and edgy outfit.

How To: After the gym, keep your shorts or yoga pants on and bring a top with unique details to change into and dress it up with accessories like a statement necklace, watch or bag.