ALL IN THE DETAILS: Casual Meets Classy

February 3rd, 2016 at 2:00am

Living on the beach side town of Santa Barbara sounds like 365 days of sunshine, but in winter the weather changes so rapidly throughout the day that picking an outfit in the morning that will last you until evening can be a real challenge. Biking to class with a brisk ocean breeze in your face calls for thick sweaters and coats, but the sunny SoCal afternoons can turn lecture halls into unbearable saunas. So how does one combat this fashion dilemma?

This Fashionista took on that challenge one rainy January morning by mixing up her ensemble with both high and low pieces. Her classic blue Levi Brand Jeans and a loose, low-cut tunic make the outfit casual enough for a day full of classes, plus the flowing structure of the blouse keeps her cool throughout the day in case that California sun decides to come out and shine.

To add a touch of class and combat the chilly morning air, she threw on a gorgeous structured coat with glittering gold zipper details. It’s easily thrown over her shoulder as a chic way to cool down in the afternoon. Her gold watch and a few dainty, layered necklaces mirror the accents of the coat and pull the entire look together. The individual pieces contrast each other in style, but in a flattering way, that creates a cohesive outfit.

Small details really can change your entire look! Take inspiration from this Fashionista for your daily style!

How To: Flashes of gold in the right places can elevate even the most casual of looks. Try sticking to classic, simple pieces, such as a watch, to add a chic sparkle to your daily ensemble.