ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bundled Up in Boots

Western New York was hit with yet another snowstorm this past week. Besides the fact that there is the ordeal of trudging through piles of snow to get to class, the wind chill is bitter. The weather makes it hard to get out of bed, let alone to look fashionable. But this week’s Fashionista found the motivation to dress chic, and her outfit is perfect to wear underneath a thick jacket. She found a way to incorporate big, winter boots into her ensemble without looking sloppy.

She started with a red, plaid skirt. It gave off a school girl vibe, but the zippers on the front made it edgy. She chose a black top with a scalloped hem that adds interest. She layered with a loose, chambray shirt that juxtaposed the dark color scheme of the skirt and top. To keep her legs warm, she chose a pair of opaque, black tights. For accessories, she picked out a statement silver ring with an opal stone and some understated earrings. Because shoes that aren’t waterproof will instantly be ruined by the snowy sidewalks, she chose a pair of furry, white-and-brown snow boots. I love that they made an otherwise feminine outfit more outdoorsy and casual.

If your campus is under a layer of snow, be sure to invest in a pair of waterproof, warm snow boots. They should be in a neutral color so that they will go with any outfit. Nothing is more of a pain than having to take off your boots and change into a different pair of shoes when you get inside of a building. White boots will make an outfit look bright and fresh, while black boots will be understated and hide mud stains. Faux fur or sheepskin will add extra warmth to your legs and feet.

How To: Winter boots look great with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings tucked inside of them, and they also work with a dress or skirt when pulled over tights. Try wearing a pair of high socks so that the tops peek out over the boots. They will add extra warmth.