ALL IN THE DETAILS: Building Blocks

I know the fourth of July is long gone, but recently, I‘ve been feeling patriotic. That is why when I saw this Fashionista, I just had to get a closer look at her outfit. The color-blocking here looks so good. It’s not just that fact that her color coordination for the American flag is perfect, but also the size of each piece. The three colors are evenly distributed throughout her outfit and so that she can look classy even if she was going to a fourth of July event. She keeps the bold color look to a minimum by adding beige sandals.

You can always keep an outfit classy by adding some small but high quality accessories. This Fashionista was able to find some easy slip-on sandals with chunky gold chains. I think the aviators are also perfect sunglasses for the summer that can look chic with any outfit. The variety of textures for each of the different colors subtly makes the outfit that more interesting. This consists of the lace of the shirt, the nylon of the Longchamp bag and the linen of the shorts. Color-blocking is really nice for the summer because it helps you keep your outfit to a minimum level to maintain that relaxed vibe. It can also force you to get creative when you give yourself less to work with! That is why I think this Fashionista did such a good job with. She had perfectly sized blocks of color; each item is in the shape of a rectangle. She was also able to have some detail due to the different textures.

How To: This outfit is really easy to create. You just need to pick three solid colored pieces that you will think complement each other. This just involves a shirt, bottoms and a purse. Make sure each item is the same shape and remember, get creative with your fabrics!