ALL IN THE DETAILS: Brooching the Subject

Hey Fashionistas and Fashionistos! I hope you’re making the most of what is left of your summer. I can’t stop thinking about how quickly the weeks are going by and it seems like the school year is rapidly approaching.

This week I’m bringing you a pun (re-read the title if you have to) and a Fashionista with a perfect summer-to-fall outfit for your wardrobe. I know that a lot of us struggle with transitioning wardrobes from season to season, but this Fashionista shows us how to do that with ease and taste.

The focal piece of the look has to be the army jacket, which is a year-round staple in any wardrobe. I love that this Fashionista added her own personal touch and fixated a gold brooch onto one side. Using a jacket like this is essential for transitioning wardrobes since it’s a light jacket that is pretty universal for any season.

Since the jacket is less of an accessory and more of a part of the look, this Fashionista kept the rest of her look classic and simple. Nobody could ever go wrong with a striped shirt and a pair of dark wash jeans.

What I absolutely love about this look is how this Fashionista took a nice and simple outfit formula but transformed the look with personal touches. While a striped shirt, jeans and an army jacket is a foolproof look, adding fun accessories is what can set you apart from the pack.

This Fashionista accessorized with the perfect pair or girly-punk combat boots that resemble Dr. Martens, a cult favorite. A pair of combat boots like these can prevent you from steering your look into too edgy of a look while adding fun flair to an otherwise simple look.

Lastly, this Fashionista opted for a good, trusty hobo shoulder bag. Everyone needs a carryall bag in his or her wardrobe and I love the burnt orange hue of this Fashionista’s. This bag draws in some of the ’70s trends that are popular now in an extremely understated way that won’t go out of style too quickly.

I hope I didn’t depress you with all of my talk about fall and summer ending, but as a die hard Fashionista myself, I get giddy just thinking about fall fashion and Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. At least now you are equipped with some tips and tricks to help you in moving your wardrobe from summer to fall, so transition away!

How To: Want to add personal touches to a look? Find unique accessories like this Fashionista’s brooch or go browsing in vintage stores for one of a kind pieces to help give your look a boost.