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This week’s ALL IN THE DETAILS features a small accessory that’s trending worldwide. The vintage brimmed hat has made its way back into modern fashion for both men and women. There are many different shapes, colors and styles of these hats, but the most popular is the original black felt one. The brimmed hat is an accessory that can be worn during any season and can be dressed up or down as pleased. My favorite way to wear this essential accessory is on a warm day with a summer dress and a cute pair of wedges.

Unfortunately, this type of weather is far from what we’ve been experiencing, but that gives no reason for this Fashionista not to rock her brimmed hat. This Fashionista’s hat makes a big statement in her outfit. It draws attention away from her oversized animal print coat and gray scarf. I must say that this Fashionista does a fantastic job layering her different patterned sweaters and accessories. Her entire outfit looks cozy and casual but the hat definitely adds flair. If you’re looking for another reason to wear a hat besides inspiration from this Fashionista, brimmed hats are my go-to accessory when I’m experiencing a bad hair day and can be a quick fix when you’re on the go.

I have never doubted a good hat. You can never over-accessorize when you’re wearing one of these trendy pieces. Whether it be simple or extravagent, one size of these brimmed hats fits all.

How To: Always remeber to choose a few accessories that you want to accent your outfit. This Fashionista chose a scarf and her hat. Oversized jackets are also trending, especially this season, so make sure to layer your winter sweaters with a unique jacket.