ALL IN THE DETAILS: Braids for Days

When I look back on my younger years, my trademark hairstyle was braids. If I was not wearing my hair in pigtail braids, then I had my hair in a pulled back ponytail made into smaller braids. My hair was difficult to take care of since it was very long, thick and curly. Having my hair in braids during the summer was the perfect go-to hairstyle whether I was going swimming or just enjoying the hot weather.

This Fashionista’s hair reminded me of my signature childhood hairstyle. Her summer hairstyle of choice is box braids. She mentioned that she got them done before going on a study abroad trip to Africa. These braids are perfect for hot weather to protect your hair from the humidity. She described her braids as super easy to take care of since all she has to do is style it however she wants. For this particular look, this Fashionista decided to just let her hair down and go natural.

This Fashionista was caught wearing an African inspired look featuring tribal printed palazzo pants. This is a great summer trend to invest in during the cooler days and nights. She wore a simple black tank top, making sure not to outdo the pants.
For shoes, she also went with a simple pair of black sandals. A pop of color was added with her pink toe nail polish. To complete the look, this Fashionista accessorized with bracelets she bought while she was in Africa. They are limited edition rhino and elephant protection bracelets that raise awareness.

How to: Want box braids? You can go to your local beauty store to purchase them. Take them to a beauty shop or salon that you trust, and they should be able to put them right in for you. For a cheaper approach, learn how to French braid multiple strands of you hair.