ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bracelets? Let's Brace This

June 16th, 2016 at 2:00am

’Tis the season for denim revival! Denim has made its way back into the fashion spectrum this season and is captivating Fashionistas’ minds and reinventing a classical look in endless ways. This denim dynamic has already dominated the Virginia Beach Boardwalk this season beginning with the paradigm jean skirt—which I have not seen since I was rocking one at seven years old—and not falling short of ’70s inspired button-up skirts, denim-on-denim combinations, denim vests, overalls and even a unique twist on the traditional overall: an overall on top attached to a denim skirt on bottom. Party on the bottom, business on the top, maybe? Today’s Fashionista pulled off this new rendition of the overall perfectly. Her distinctive use of accessories, bangles in particular, tied the look together.

This Fashionista wore one of Hollister’s overall skirts on a visit to the beach on Saturday; however, the intriguing part of her outfit was not the overalls but how she accessorized. I have seen plenty of these new overalls walking around, but this is the first time I have seen the item paired with bangles…worn as armbands. I adored the style! As I admired her use of the bangles, this Fashionista raved to me about how she always wore her bangles high on her arms because of the chiming and irritating sounds they make when worn around wrists. She has a point. The sound of bangles are utterly unbearable. She also paired the look with a cream colored bralette from Urban Outfitters, a stone necklace from Free People and a pair of tie up wedges she picked up at Rack Room Shoes. The overall daring look radiated boho-chic and fit in effortlessly with the style of the Virginia Beach locals.

How To: Almost every store in your local mall is selling a pair of these denim overall skirts: Gap, Kohls, Hollister and H&M. The important part is how you make the look your own. If your feeling audacious like this Fashionista go for the bangles on your upper arm or dare to bare a little more skin by going shirtless and sticking to a bralette. You can pick up simple bangles from Forever 21, and bralettes can be found anywhere from Free People to Urban Outfitters to American Eagle to Victoria’s Secret to any of your favorite stores.