This outfit screams dapper. All the credit goes to her bow tie; it makes her look polished, put-together and stylish. It is the perfect accessory to anchor a Fashionista’s look. It truly ties it all together. The color of this Fashionista’s shirt, although muted, pops out against the otherwise dark color scheme. She keeps her look minimal, but interesting through the small details.

She keeps her colors solid, and the only hint of a pattern comes from her plaid button-down, peaking out slightly from her sweater. She takes on the normcore flannel trend but puts her own spin on it. This Fashionista makes it a little more personal and accessorizes boldly with sunglasses, a chunky watch, a briefcase and statement boots.The typical taboo of combining brown and black works because of these oxford boots. They make it easy for her briefcase to seamlessly fit with her outfit, even against the starkness of her black pants. The dark neutrals really complement each other and are a nice contrast to the faded colors of her top.

This Fashionista pulls off this ensemble with flair and an aura of confidence. There’s something very cool about casually wearing a bow tie, which is the take away from this Fashionista’s look. It’s important to take a trend and make it your own. Having a signature accessory is a unique way to make sure that you keep your own style in mind when you take on a look loved by everyone. I think it’s safe to say that she is bow-tied and dignified.

How To: Class up your flannel, like this Fashionista does, by pairing it with a simple sweater and dark pants. Add a bow tie, and you’ve got brought that flannel from casual to dapper. If a bow tie isn’t really your style, opt for a big scarf instead. Make a statement, and stay warm.