ALL IN THE DETAILS: Botanical Button-Down

Get ready for this bold statement: floral print is forever. Seriously, floral print is not only immortal, but it is also a crowd favorite amongst Fashionistas/os across the board. Throughout generations of fashion trends and evolution, floral has remained a top dog. You can find virtually any household item in floral print and the same goes for apparel and accessories.

So what makes floral print so universally loved, you ask? For starters, floral can be thrown into any mix to add color and texture. There are so many variations of floral print that we can hardly keep up; big flowers or little, colorful or black and white. This versatility is what has kept floral on top for so long. Not to mention, floral print has started to serve an even broader audience now that it broke from its gender barriers. Floral can be masculine or feminine, dainty or bold. Everyone could use a little floral flair—and it all depends on execution.

This Fashionisto executes the floral flair with precision. The floral print of his slim-fit short sleeve button-down shirt is subtle and at first glance, you can’t even tell that it is a floral print. Since the print is gray and white, the woven cotton collared shirt looks lightweight and relaxed—and subtly floral. The Fashionisto continues the laid back look by adding cuffed khaki chino shorts, high-top burgundy Dr. Martens and a bright white G-Shock. The entire ensemble exemplifies the beauty of the perfect floral. The small Hawaiian flowers on the shirt give the outfit depth that is pleasing to the eye and this button-down is almost the perfect metaphor for what a guy should be: masculine and pleasing to the eye with just a touch of femininity.

How To: To achieve a similar look, all you have to do is find a signature floral print shirt. Short sleeve collared button-downs are nice palettes for florals because they are simple enough that they won’t become too busy when covered in a bunch of colorful flowers. After you find your shirt, less is more. Keep the accessories simple and let the garden party pattern shine.