ALL IN THE DETAILS: Boosting the Basics

How does Mother Nature expect us to dress our best when she’s serving us 95 degree weather without a side of shade? Check out how this Fashionista turns a basic outfit into a perfect, everyday look for anyone wanting to step up their fashion game.

Let’s start with the shorts. It can be so difficult to find the perfect pair of shorts that make you feel great, especially with high-waisted shorts. You can search stores in the local mall, but you may have greater luck looking through the racks at your local consignment or resale store. This Fashionista got this closet staple at White Rabbit in our very own downtown Iowa City. You can dress these up for a night out with your roommates or dress them down with a vintage T-shirt for a frozen yogurt run.

You can get tank tops like this Fashionista did for as low as three dollars from a store like Target or Old Navy. These are a must-have for any closet and can be kept for years. Are yours starting to have little balls on them from wearing and washing them too much? Add more to your heavy handbag and get a pill shaver! It’s a lifesaver!

For jewelry, it’s so simple: rings, rings, rings! Minimal or statement? It is definitely up to you and your outfit. They really are a timeless piece. I will admit, I have spent an hour in Forever 21 before trying to find the perfect rings for stacking and mixing and matching, but once you find the perfect combination for your hands (because they are all different), you never have to make employees mad again for sitting on their floor while looking through every piece of jewelry they had (oops!).

Body chains, arm cuffs and anklets are back in… hallelujah! Although I’ve always been afraid to buy a body chain because it would just end up tangled like many of my former necklaces (may they all rest in peace), I just love how every one has a different look on each person that is wearing it.

It wouldn’t be a summer outfit without your favorite pair of Birkenstocks and Ray-Bans to save the day. With all of the new styles for Birkenstocks, it is way more fun to add them to any outfit. You know what is also fun? Coming home after a long morning at the farmer’s market without your feet hurting because your baby “Birks” saved the day.

And of course, an outfit wouldn’t be complete without a lip color. Kat Von D’s Bow N Arrow liquid lipstick steals looks from across the room.

So, next time you don’t know how to take your look to the next level, follow the lead of this Fashionista and go back to the basics.

How To: Put your money into your favorite jewelry and your favorite bold lip (my favorite right now is Jeffree Star’s velour liquid lipstick) and pair them with basic closet staples to make any look ready to hit the town!