ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bombin’ Bangles

Dresses are quite high on my ‘favorite items of clothing’ list and, if we’re being 100 percent honest, it is solely because they aren’t pants. A good dress can be worn no matter the occasion. They are versatile enough to be worn for your university’s homecoming football game or a date night with your new beau. One of the greatest things about rocking a dress is the blank canvas it provides for your accessories.

We all know that accessories are a surefire way to add a bit of personality to a look, and solid color dresses provide the best backdrop for your favorite pieces. This Fashionista gives her bright red dress a pop of personality with a slew of bangles. Bangles are one of my absolute favorite accessories because they say a lot about a person. This Fashionista has on a super cute Bourbon and Boweties bracelet. The bright red and blue colors of this bracelet are great for the summer season. On her other wrist, her arm candy consists of a simple gold bangle that reads ‘Follow Your Heart.’ I absolutely love little reminders like this; whether they are on a piece of jewelry or a canvas on your wall, they work all the same! Coupled with this simple bracelet is a more intricate bangle. I totally dig the interesting design of this one since it perfectly counteracts the simple cut of the other bangle.

This Fashionista keeps the rest of her accessories on the simple side. She has on a dainty gold necklace, which pairs well with the low cut of her dress. She tops of her jewelry with a few modest rings and a pair of simple stud earrings. She finishes off her look with a pair of trendy wide strapped sandals.

How To: Rocking a large arm party can be pretty overwhelming. Make it easier by rocking your next party by wearing a dress. The blank canvas makes sure that your favorite bangles aren’t overpowered and lets their personalities shine through.