ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bold Colors Make Bold Statements

June 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

When people wear more neutral clothing, it gives them the freedom to accessorize with bolder colors and styles. A very common trend in summer style is accessorizing with brightly colored bags, especially when wearing darker colors. Summer is a season known for its warm and bold colors, but when the weather is not cooperating, people are more likely to retreat back to duller colors that may wash them out.

Even though this Fashionista’s outfit is more neutrally colored due to the chill of the rain, she is still able to create unique fashion statements. This Fashionista was able to incorporate a statement purple handbag and purple polka-dot umbrella into her look. The neutral colors of her outfit actually help make the handbag pop more. In the summer, the styling of handbags tends to be larger since people are out of their homes more throughout the day. This is why handbags tend to be more brightly colored—their size allows them to make more of a statement. This Fashionista’s handbag is the perfect hint of color for a summery outfit.

Also, polka-dots have been associated with rainwear for years. Even though umbrellas are used less frequently and for more practical purposes, they are still able to create a daring fashion statement. This vibrantly colored umbrella helps bring attention to this Fashionista’s ability to still be bold even in the dreariness of the rainy weather.

How To: You can get this look by purchasing a vibrant colored bag and pairing it with neutral colored clothing to help make the bag pop. This will create an outfit that appears more courageous.