It is always hard to convince yourself to make bold purchases when shopping. We always stray away from the brights and buy neutrals instead because they are safe and “go with everything.” We do this because we want our closets to be versatile and to be able to wear our clothes more often. Although we love this tendency, it also may keep us from being adventurous with our wardrobe. Well it’s time to break away from that trend! It’s time we be bold and purchase that killer garment or accessory that brings the outfit to life!

This Fashionista shows us just how to do this by rocking a statement red Chloé handbag! The rest of her outfit is fairly neutral, pairing a crème military romper with some white platform sandals. She accessorizes with black sunglasses and has gold accents throughout her look. She wears petite jewelry as well, adding a feminine touch. By incorporating a bold accessory like the red cross-body, it complements the rest of the outfit and brings attention to the bag. She does a great job of accessorizing and styling her look. This Fashionista pulls off the bold bag trend and is an awesome example of how to utilize neutrals in this situation.

How To: Start with simple garments that contain similar colors. Do not get too complicated with your color combinations, otherwise it will distract from the statement accessory. Once you have the foundation of your outfit, you can add in a bold accessory like a bright handbag or clutch.