As winter hits us in full force, we also get hit with a tendency to dress warmly in cool tones. Our stylish pieces and trendy ensembles get hidden underneath the layers of parkas, mittens, scarves and toques.  One way to brighten up any outfit is a colourful, bold bag. This one simple addition to any outfit can take it from zero to 100 (real quick). When you find you are dressing dully (to match your winter blues) or when your cute outfit is covered by excessive layers, pull out a fabulous bag and you are covered.

This Fashionista shows us how wearing a bold bag can bring an entire outfit together. Without the bag, her outfit is subtle, with dark tones in her jeans, sneaker wedges and vest. Her denim crop adds texture and a bit of colour, which is complemented perfectly with the red backpack. The backpack brings an additional wow factor to the already amazing look. It lets others know that what she has under the coat is just as fabulous as what is over top.

If you are going to class, try a bold backpack. If you are running errands, try a mini satchel. For nights out on the town, experiment with a colourful purse or a multicoloured clutch!

How To: Are you finding yourself hiding in dark outfits throughout the winter? Pairing a bright, colourful bag with a monochromatic outfit will add the perfect amount of flare. Your outfits may be hidden because you are more concerned with trying to keep warm, so throw on some bold baggage to complete your look.