First it’s hot and sunny outside, and then all of a sudden dark clouds take over the skies and rain comes pouring down. With the ever-changing weather forecast in Manila, it can be a challenge to find the most versatile weather-friendly outfit. Finding an in-between outfit that is good for both temperatures is tough, but it is definitely possible. This Fashionista shows us the best outfit for staying dry, beating the summer heat and looking fab, all at the same time!

Today, this Fashionista decided to pair a black suede crop top with dark wash mid-rise denim shorts. This part of her outfit is perfect for the times that the sun is out shining, because crop tops and denim shorts are an absolute summer staple. You can wear them to practically any summer event, and they allow for the maximum breeze and cooling during the hottest hours of the day. To battle the sudden rain showers and cold wind, this Fashionista throws on an ultra chic blue velvet kimono. The blue lace trim on the sleeves of her kimono make her initial casual outfit dressy.

This Fashionista keeps up with the latest trend and pairs her ensemble with flatform leather sandals. Her sandals are perfect for the summer heat, but they are also perfect for running through the rain and avoiding puddles. A trend making a huge comeback now is the classic socks with heels pairing. This Fashionista uses her socks to their full advantage, helping keep her feet dry throughout all the rain. Stylish and weather-friendly— what else could you ask for?

Nowadays, there is a lot of ‘over-accessorizing’ shaming going on. However, this Fashionista proves that mixing and matching all kinds of jewelry can look stylish and that the saying ‘the more the merrier’ is nothing but true. She overlays a black choker, marbled heart pendant necklace and gold charm necklace on top of each other. Although all three are different types of necklaces, the different chain lengths help them work together in one outfit. This Fashionista loves to layer her bracelets, too. She pairs her gold watch with diamond and gold bangles and bracelets. She decided to top off the look by accessorizing with different ring sets, again following her rule for layering accessories.

How To: Grab your favorite crop top, high-waisted shorts and wedge sandals and throw them on for an easy summer look. Add to your outfit by pairing it with a statement kimono. Whether it is a bold printed kimono or a kimono with a unique fabric is entirely up to you. Add interest to your overall look by over-accessorizing through layering just like this Fashionista did and you’re good to go!