ALL IN THE DETAILS: Blue Hair Don't Care

Colored hair is in and is making its way as a trend. As I spotted this Fashionista, her hair was the first thing that reeled me in, making me want to get a closer look at her whole outfit. What was so great about her outfit was the fact that she took articles of clothing from different seasons and put them together to make it work for the winter coldness.

The way she put together a simple graphic T-shirt with a circle skirt paired well with the gray leggings and beanie to keep the rest of her body warm in this chilly weather. I like how she was able to incorporate a skirt into a casual outfit just by pairing it with leggings, boots and a T-shirt. The overall look gives a sort of grungy vibe as she stuck with all neutral colors, such as black and gray, then with a little hint of color in the graphics on her shirt and her hair as she shows off the blue in the tips of her hair.

I thought she pulled the whole look off very well with hints of black and gray, then adding in some color with her hair and T-shirt. Not only did the colors throughout the outfit match, but she also managed to match the color of her hair tips with her T-shirt.

How To: So you want to get this or a similar look? Easy. Graphic T-shirts, such as the one she is wearing, can be bought anywhere. From Forever 21 to a simple thrift store, graphic T-shirts are one of the easiest things to find. The leggings and circle skirt can also be bought at most women’s stores, and same with the beanie and the black combat boots.