As the approaching summer brings on the heat, it may be difficult keep looking fashionable as your outfits lose their layers. Those basic closet staples start turning your outfits into just that—basic. How do you prevent this fashion crisis? The answer is all in the accessories. Hats and bags and those fall button-ups tied around the waist can spice up any outfit. However, the best accessories of all can often take the form of shiny, blingy and sparkly accessories. Think the bling is reserved only for those dolled up southern belles of Texas or Tennessee? Think again! Bling can serve as an elegant, fun and eye-catching statement that anyone can wear. The secret is how you wear it. 

Sparkle can be elegant, but when diamonds aren’t an option, one must be careful never to cross the line into looking cheap. The best way to stay clear of looking like you raided the costume jewelry section of Party City is to avoid large plastic jewels. Smaller is better. The college budget may have one resulting to plastics, but tiny “stones” and beads convey a classier aesthetic than do large pink hunks of shiny plastic. To make a bold statement, layer your necklaces, bracelets and other accessories. This will come together to form one eye-catching arrangement. This Fashionista layered her beaded bangles to make a bold statement. She also incorporated elements of the fringe and tassel trend into her earrings and necklace. Sparkly accessories are also perfect to mix and match with metallic jewelry.

The easiest way to achieve this Fashionista’s look is to start with the focal element of her outfit—a patterned dress. Patterns can make any outfit look more fashionable without the need for an excessive amount of accessories. This Fashionista used her accessories merely to complement an already eye-catching piece. Dresses are also great for staying cool in the heat! Next, go through your fall and winter wardrobe and get out those button-up shirts and flannels you packed away. A shirt tied around the waist adds dimension to the outfit, making the viewer notice contrasting fabrics or prints. Get creative with wild prints or stick to the basics with a denim button-up like the one pictured. This Fashionista also added a basic ball-cap to make her look more casual and functional for her day out. Make sure to add a ball-cap that compliments both the color and formality of the dress. Lastly add wedges and that eye-catching bling to complete the outfit with a feminine flare.

How To: Next time the heat has you downhearted about your wardrobe, add a few sparkly accessories!