The Men’s New York Fashion Week 2015 just passed by and we’re all still raving about the fabulous street style spotted outside of every show. In honor of this unprecedented event, I believe it’s only merited that we get back to discussing Fashionistos!

Every style junkie out there owns a few pieces of clothing that fall a bit more on the formal side of the dress code. Unfortunately for those items, possessing that quality has gotten them an exclusive long term stay at the “back end of the closet” resort. Let’s come to terms with ourselves and admit that when buying “dressy” clothes, we usually break the bank to then just wear the pieces once or twice because we don’t know how to incorporate them into our day-to-day looks. Today, the handsome lad you see above gives us an essential lesson on being formally casual.

This Fashionisto chose a navy blue cotton blazer as the pivotal item of his attire. Although this classic piece is better known for its use in formal occasions, when done right it can perfectly transcend into the casual world. The blazer’s fabric and rolled-up sleeves, as well as being unbuttoned at the front, allowed its successful integration with the rest of the pieces that make up this ensemble. The Fashionisto then continued to build his outfit by adding a striped crewneck T-shirt, folded-up skinny jeans and a pair of classic canvas Vans. His use of primary colors gave the look a sailor-ish feel which made it perfect for being out and about in summer. One of my favorite aspects of this trendy youngster’s style is that he is not afraid to accessorize. His vintage glasses, golden watch and bracelets are refreshing touches on the overall look. Finally, I must add that his sleek haircut is pretty on point as well.

This week’s Fashionisto took an ensemble that could’ve been business boring and made it gorgeously preppy in no time. We should definitely learn that adding unexpected layers or accessories to an attire can help us take it to a whole new level. So don’t be afraid to go search that forgotten spot in your closet because sometimes it’s the little details that make the biggest difference.

How To: If you loved this Fashionisto’s outfit and want to try a similar look, any sunny summer day is an excuse to try it. Grab a nice fitting blazer and add dark wash jeans, a simple shirt and some trendy sneakers. Just remember to make it your own by including unique accessories that express your personal style.