ALL IN THE DETAILS: Blanket Or Scarf?

Typically around this time of year, we’d rather be cuddled up in bed with just about a million blankets than out an about on campus. But spring semester is finally in full swing and we’re all getting back to reality. This Fashionista, however, isn’t leaving all of her blankets at home.

I am always looking for pieces that are practical yet completely adorable and I think I might have just found the best one yet this winter. This Fashionista is sporting the latest trend: blanket scarves. It’s a scarf that is literally as big and as warm as a blanket. What could be better? This cozy scarf comes in every pattern and color and can be the perfect accessory on a chilly winter day.

This Fashionista sets the perfect example. She has paired a red cotton high-low dress underneath her army green utility jacket. All of this is tied together by her plaid blanket scarf. One of the best parts about this scarf is there are a dozen different ways you can tie it. Today, this Fashionista has shown us two. With the versatility of this scarf, it gives you the opportunity to wear the same scarf while keeping it fresh and new by trying out different ways to tie it. Of course, we can’t forget about her adorable booties and neutral toned handbag.

How To: Start with your favorite tunic or oversized sweater and add a pair of dark wash jeans. Next you’ll need your new blanket scarf paired over a warm winter coat. Add a hat and gloves and you are ready to take on that intimidating walk across campus.