ALL IN THE DETAILS: Blanket or Scarf?

April 12th, 2016 at 2:00am

I think by now we all know what a blanket scarf is. I love mine. It is so easy to throw on with the most simple outfit and complete it. I personally have two different patterns in the blanket scarf and I wear them all the time. I wore mine in the fall, now in the winter and plan to also wear it in the spring on the chilly days when you may need that extra layer.

The best part of about the blanket scarf is you can wear it in so many different ways, no one ever notices you are wearing the same piece over and over again. So far I have worn mine around the neck like a normal scarf and I have also used it as a blanket when I was cold.

I have seen the blanket scarf worn are as a shawl, braided down the front and belted around the waist. There are so many other ways to style it. I love that this simple piece can be thrown on with any outfit; it is so versatile.

How To: Do you want to know the tricks to this adorable outfit? It is so easy. First, find the blanket scarf you love. How do you know if it is a blanket scarf? Blanket scarves are square. Next, find a simple solid T-shirt that will go with anything. Then slip on those skinny jeans that fit you perfectly. Lastly, put on your favorite pair of boots. Here Megan is modeling a solid white PIKO T-shirt, Flying Monkey skinny jeans and her favorite flip flops. She also threw in a skinny belt to get a different look from her blanket scarf.