ALL IN THE DETAILS: Black, White or Both

Black and white are staple colors in anyone’s closet. Combined together, they are timeless and classy—a popular ensemble in the past several decades. I caught this particular Fashionista while she was walking to her car. She seemed like she was in a rush, but she was generous enough to give me a couple minutes.

“Less is more,” people frequently say. In this Fashionista’s outfit, that statement definitely rings true. As fashion evolves into a minimalist nature, black and white combinations continue to reign supreme.

The lace detail in her cardigan matched nicely with the design of her flats. It was a fairly windy day, so her cardigan was an added layer of comfort on top of her camisole. The white top complemented the black leggings and purse. Her red heart necklace is a subtle pop of color.

This look is perfect for a nice lunch with the girls or running errands around town. The flats keep her feet comfortable, while the leggings are ideal for getting from point A to point B. I’m a big fan of large, slouchy purses, since I lug around so much stuff. My journal and planner must go wherever I go! Make sure to invest in a quality purse; a good one will last you years.

How To: Stock up on the basics! The beauty of this look is its simplicity. Black and white pieces can be found in pretty much every store. Visit local retailers, and you’re bound to find a hundred different choices.