February 26th, 2016 at 2:00am

The best thing about this time of year, besides the unbelievable Ohio snow, is the fact that you really don’t need an excuse to wear black from head to toe. Black ensembles have an element of chicness and edginess to them and have the ability to make any Fashionista stand out in a crowd.

When asked what my favorite color is people are usually caught off guard when I respond by saying black. The color just simply isn’t given half the credit that it deserves. Not only is it incredibly slimming (I say this as I’m reaching into my box of Valentine’s Day candy), but it also goes with just about everything!

This Fashionista did a wonderful job at making sure her black on black outfit got the attention it deserved. Her awesome fur vest is a statement piece that spices up her look, and the adorable pom-pom beanie does its job of pulling the whole outfit together while keeping her warm in the cold winter weather. One of my favorite articles of clothing is her pair of black ripped jeans. While it may be the dead of winter, getting a little chilly in amazing jeans like these is definitely worth it.

When it comes to jewelry, I really like how she decided to keep it simple. Gold bracelets stacked alongside a tortoise shell watch and her simple black pearl choker were cute yet subtle and did a great job of dressing up her look.

How To: Black on black is a super easy fashion trend that everyone can pull off. Adding a statement piece such as a cool necklace, or in this case an amazing fur vest are the perfect pieces to make a simple outfit pop.