ALL IN THE DETAILS: Black Belt In Action

Let’s be honest, a true Fashionista knows that accessories and “the details” are immensely important in coordinating a polished look. I am not always one to follow what is “trendy;” however, I have fallen in love with one trend in particular—the edgy black belt. All of the “it girls” have been photographed in a street-style sort of ensemble, pulled together with an edgy black belt. Bella Hadid, Vanessa Hudgens and Kendall Jenner have all recently been adopting this trend in fabulous fashion.

This Fashionista here demonstrates this perfectly as she sports the fabulous trending accessory—the edgy black belt. I feel that belts are highly underrated, and undeservingly so. I know I can always rely on a refined or funky belt to pull a look together and give it that extra “oomph.” I am able to hide the sometimes-unfortunate fact that I just grabbed a random skirt and blouse to pair together, because by some miracle (simply adding a belt), the look is now effortlessly complete. I have desperately been wanting to get my hands on a belt exactly like the one that this Fashionista bought from Urban Outfitters.

This Fashionista is wearing a tan/peach colored bodysuit with a pair of distressed denim blue jeans. She pairs a classic high-cut bodysuit with a simple and versatile color, which is seen as elegant as well as casual, perhaps the best combo in a city like San Diego. Her distressed denim blue jeans add a more laid-back yet edgier feel to the overall ensemble. The edgy black belt pulls the two contrasting pieces together, establishing a look that could very easily transfer from daytime to nighttime. This Fashionista finishes the look with a pair of tan suede fringed wedged sandals, and a simple bohemian styled white marble ring.

To translate this look from daytime to nighttime, all one needs to do is switch out the distressed denim for a sleek black skinny jean (preferably high-waisted) or a mini to mid-thigh skirt (either patterned or as a solid neutral color). Additionally, one could put on a pair of pumps or classic wedges depending on personal preference.

How To: Treat yourself to an edgy black belt and marvel in the excessive benefits of such a versatile accessory! The edgy black belt can be paired with a pair of high-waisted jeans/pants or even a skirt and a simple blouse. Feel like throwing on a pretty dress or easy romper to save time and stress? The edgy black belt can be the perfect addition to polishing your look, allowing you to look and feel like the true Fashionista you are and were meant to be!