ALL IN THE DETAILS: Black And White Bouclé

The transition from Christmas break into the spring semester is always a hard one. No one ever wants to begin a whole new set of classes that will undoubtedly be the cause of all their stress, let alone bare the cold winter snows on their walks to class. We, or at least college students, are all still in a state of mind that would be considered hibernation. It’s a classic case of wanting to continue to be by a warm fire eating leftover food and cookies that was forgotten by visiting relatives in the comfort of our own individual sanctuaries we call home. It’s only natural, right? Well, there is an upside to coming back to school that involves showing off our latest holiday gifts—clothes, shoes or makeup. Nothing brings more happiness than sporting a brand new ensemble that makes you feel confident, and that’s exactly what I found all over the Kent campus.

This Fashionista’s coat is the perfect way to take her athleisure look to an entirely new level by adding sophistication, and not just because it’s bouclé. Yes, the French have always been a little more suave than us Americans, but who can blame them? They’re fabulous! The texture and classic black and white color of her Zara coat elevates her pants and shoes to make a look that would normally fall into the category of a weekend hideaway transform into a luxury lounge ensemble.

Completing the look is her unique shirt and handbag. The shirt reads “Dank Mode,” meaning “Dank Fashion” in French, and this Fashionista created it herself by designing it on her very own computer. Her white bag ties it all together, making the look perfect for class or a dinner with friends.

How To: If you’re ever just exhausted and don’t feel like hassling with constricting jeans or tight leggings, go for a pair of joggers like these and either dress them up with a cute sweater, graphic shirt or even a statement coat/jacket. Regardless, boundaries are broken and athletic loungewear is the new “chic,” so have some fun with fashion while also being comfortable!