Black and white are two things just about everyone has in their closet. The two colors are the basis to any strong wardrobe and provide a great canvas for great fashion items. However, combining black and white can be tricky at times. Sometimes the two colors can fall flat when paired together.  This week’s Fashionista shows that black and white can be fun and totally not boring.

I caught this Fashionista on her lunch break from work. This Fashionista works for a credit union. As we talked she began to explain how complicated it can be dressing for a professional environment as a college student. She said, “it gets really cold, so I tend to layer a lot.” I can definitely relate to this Fashionista’s struggle. It can be really hard finding work appropriate clothes on a college student budget. This Fashionista’s black and white stripe T-shirt dress works great for running to and from class! What stepped up this Fashionista’s look from “class and library chic” to “working girl” are her accessories.  Her black boyfriend blazer adds structure to her dress and an extra layer of warmth from the office air conditioner. Her white scarf also gives her another layer of coverage. On days when it gets a little warmer in the office, and the jacket needs to come off, the scarf keeps the T-shirt dress office appropriate.  The oversized white handbag balances out the black and white and is great for hauling essentials like books and paperwork.

How To:  Dressier items in solid and blacks and whites elevate everyday pieces such as plain T-shirt dresses to office status. When mixing everyday items with dressier ones, layering pieces with different patterns and textures are a great way of expanding your closet.