June 2nd, 2015 at 2:00am

We are capping spring and entering into the summer season. Of course, with that comes a wardrobe change. In Chicago, there is about a three week period from the end of May heading into June where the weather is completely unpredictable. It’s unpredictable here anyways, but when the seasons are in transition, it really messes with you. If you were inside and looked out a window at all the people in the city streets, you would have no idea what the temperature was. There will be people walking around in shorts and tank tops, while others will be dressed in rain boots, jeans and rain coats; and then some will be walking around wearing fur trimmed winter coats and UGGs. There is no indication of what the weather is actually like, and everyone is confused.

In actuality, this outfit was pretty perfect for the day’s weather. It may not scream spring/summer, but it was way too cute to pass up and not take interest in, and I am a firm believer that you don’t have to stick to any “fashion rules.”  That being said, this outfit was killing it out in Chi-town. The all-black look is always a chic, but the accessories to this outfit are really what made it pop.

This Fashionista was anything but basic in black. That hat, those shoes, the sunglasses and that fantastic leather jacket… I couldn’t look away. The floppy hat is really what stood out to me with this outfit. It is the perfect accessory for this time of year, and it is totally on trend. She utilized her accessories to pump up her look to another level. The great part about this outfit is that she can go from day to night by just taking her sunglasses and hat off. She doesn’t even need to take off the hat, just the sunglasses. The look is completely neutral to the time of day. It is the perfect outfit for this time of year with such unpredictable temperatures in Chicago.

How To: Always wanted to rock a floppy hat? Now is the perfect time to try it out. Start with a neutral hat that can be paired with many different outfits. It will be easy to carry into different seasons, and it easily makes your outfit stand out.