Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of wearing sweatpants for more days than we’d like to admit during the summer. It’s perfectly understandable with so much free time. Whether it’s staying in bed all day and watching eight straight hours of Netflix, or running from the gym to the farmer’s market, there are tons of reasons to stay in comfy clothes all day. Luckily for us, more and more athletic clothes are making their way into the trends recently, meaning there are so many options for looking stylish and staying comfortable.

I caught this Fashionista after a long shift at the university Help Desk, where she spends a lot of time sitting in front of a computer and answering phones. Although having to roll out of bed early just to go to a job where she won’t be seen by many people could easily tempt her into throwing on a pair of sweatpants and calling it a day, she decided to pair a breezy dress with bike shorts to create a fashionable and relaxed look.

Bike shorts are tight, sometimes padded shorts typically worn by cyclists. Although they’re great for exercising, they also make a great layering piece during the summer and add interest to a simple sundress. I love how this Fashionista continued the layered look by adding a simple off-the-shoulder crop top under the floral dress. It can be hard to find ways to layer during the summer, but she pulled it off nicely.

How To: If you want to try this look, start by layering solid-colored bike shorts under your favorite sundress. If you’re feeling brave, try patterned bike shorts and mix prints!