ALL IN THE DETAILS: Beauty Is Skin Deep

Lately, fashion has been taking more risks with skin. Whether it be a high slit, like Kendall Jenner’s during the 2014 MMVAs, or a sheer dress, like Rita Ora’s at the 2015 Oscars after-party, skin has definitely been a strong detail for quite some time now. Showing skin in your looks is all about feeling confident and beautiful. There is something empowering about wearing a high slit, or plunging neckline that makes you feel like you can conquer the world!

This Fashionista perfectly executed the art of flashing a little skin this season in her outfit. Her bodysuit, being long-sleeved, gives her enough coverage where she won’t be cold during these Florida “winters”, and also does a good job at leaving the main attraction at the centerpiece. Her plunging neckline is accompanied with small straps going horizontally across, which not only adds a unique detail to the neckline, but also accentuates her chest. Her jeans are high-waisted and have a minimal amount of tears as to complement the exposed skin in her shirt. However, it doesn’t overpower it, and the high-waist brings out the shape in her midriff. By wearing long-sleeves and jeans with her plunge neckline this Fashionista was able to successfully keep the focus of her outfit on the skin she wanted to expose. This kept the attention on the bodysuit instead of drawing attention elsewhere by wearing shorts or short-sleeves. She accomplished taking the risk of showing skin by controlling how much of it she revealed and where.

To finish off the outfit, this Fashionista wore black sandals to match the color of her shirt. They also mirror her shirt by showing off her skin while the laces bear a striking resemblance to the small straps on her shirt.

How To: This look is for anyone! If you want to take a risk like this Fashionista, I definitely encourage bodysuits. Depending on which one you decide on, the bodysuit will do an excellent job at not only accentuating your shape but also stays in place and eliminates the hassle of having to tuck in a shirt repeatedly. By pairing it with high-waisted skinny jeans you can also bring out the rest of your shape without showing skin and overpowering the skin that your bodysuit shows. I suggest sandals or cutout shoes, to help complement the look. Be sure not to forget the number one accessory when conquering a look like this: Confidence!