ALL IN THE DETAILS: Beating the Sun

Paying attention to detail is key when putting together any outfit and this Fashionisto’s look is dripping with attention to detail. Accessorizing is a great way to add a flare of personality to an outfit that can seem otherwise boring—especially if those accessories can double as ways to protect you in the hot summer heat.

This Fashionisto used a hat as one of his major accessories. The bold red color highlights the red stripes on his button-down shirt without being too over the top. The design is simple enough to balance out with other accessories as well, proving to create a versatile and trendy look. The hat is also functional, keeping the sun out of this Fashionisto’s eyes.

His sunglasses also do the trick of blocking out those harsh July rays. It seems like everyone is wearing round sunglasses these days—Gigi? Kendall?—and it’s for good reason. They’re trendy, chic and look good with practically anything. These jet-black glasses especially complement this outfit, drawing out a nice balance with the black shorts.

An especially interesting detail of this outfit is the use of the shirt’s pocket square. Far too often pocket squares are ignored. For instance, I didn’t even realize my pocket square on the shirt I was wearing while writing this! But luckily, this Fashionisto put his shirt to work by using it to carry around some extra change—a quirky and fun detail, which might not only be the start of a new trend, but it’s convenient too.

How To: Thinking of adding a sizzle of detail to beat the hot summer sun? Try a visor! It’s a unique twist on the classic baseball cap and will keep you cool and fashionable.