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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Batches of Patches

When thinking of patches, the first thing that comes to mind is Girl Scouts. Looking back now, I don’t think I actually earned very many badges. My mom (who isFrench) actually told me a really funny story about how when she got my first vest, she had spent about 15 minutes in the store picking out patches to decorate it. She didn’t realize that we had to earn them. Whether she bought them or earned them, patches definitely made an amazing comeback in this Fashionista’s look.

This Fashionista’s outfit portrays where rock ‘n’ roll meets hippie love child. These patch pants are super cool with random bursts of color and a slightly destructed look. They look so comfortable, too. I love how she cuffed them to really highlight her white sneakers.

Okay, can we please just take a moment to appreciate this Chanel bag though? I have never seen anything like it. It is the epitome of cool! The fact that it’s Chanel too just makes it so much better. This is one of those fashion pieces that gets better with age.

With pants and a bag like that, you really don’t need much else to complete this outfit. Her dark teal T-shirt looks great with the jeans and her sleek leather jacket. Everyone needs a good leather jacket in his or her wardrobe. It seems that everyone in New York City has one! To finish off this look, stack on some funky bracelets and other favorite jewelry and you’re good to go.

How To: To get this look, it might be time to check out your nearest thrift store. Thrift stores are great for finding vintage style and looser fitting boyfriend jeans. A lot of them also sell patches like these. It could also be a great place to find an old bag to decorate with buttons, marker and scraps of fabric.